For over 50 years, Quality Harvest Foods has been innovating exciting new products that have pushed the commercial baking industry forward. In 1964, we started this tradition by bringing pita bread to the US market.56 years later, trusted by branded food manufacturers that you love, & now employing over 250 team members — Quality Harvest Foods is still leading the charge when it comes to innovative baked goods.

Now, a leading developer and contract manufacturer of high-value frozen bakery snacks & handheld meals for branded food manufacturers selling through foodservice and retail grocery channels, our products include individually frozen, fully finished sweet and savory bakery products in a variety of shapes and sizes with most products containing one or more fillings.Flexible packaging capabilities to freeze individually-baked items and wrap them in individual oven/microwave safe wrappers as well as into multi packs, resealable stand-up pouches, and bulk packaging formats.

range of products

Product Development

Our innovative product team, along with modern and flexible production equipment, enables us to quickly and efficiently create customize products for our customers. Product development includes a variety of dough flavors, product shapes, fillings, and topicals, creating great product flexibility.- Expertise with innovative flours and dough flavors to differentiate products
- Variety of shapes relevant for different consumption opportunities such as one-handed meals, snacking, portion control, and hearty meal.
- Innovative sweet and savory filling capabilities that are used to create unique and customizable flavor profiles
- Topicals and design capabilities to make products look as unique and appealing as they taste!

Product Categories

- Filled sticks (6” x 1.75”) — Designs or slits on top to maximize product elegance.  Packaging options include bulk packaging, individually wrapped heat & serve or thaw & serve packaging.- Filled Bites (2.5” x 1.5”) — Smaller bite size filled products that are perfect for snacking! Packaging options include bulk packaging and retail stand-up pouches.- Filled Handhelds (5” x 3”) — Larger filled handhelds include pull-aparts, calzones, in a variety of shapes. Packing options include bulk and individually wrapped for retail and foodservice channels.- Fillings — fillings for the sticks, bites & handhelds vary greatly and can include cheese filled, fruit filled, sweet filled, savory filled, as well as dual fillings.

Packaging Capabilities

Products are frozen at point of manufacturing, and remain frozen during distribution.- Product formulations and packaging enable 6 to 15-month shelf life
- Freezing (IQF) allows for long and efficient production runs
Packaging is driven by customer needs- Convenient and portable with attractive graphics
- Individually wrapped heat-and-serve or thaw-and-serve packages
- Vertical stand up pouches with resealable capabilities
- Bulk, individually frozen items
- Experience with other packaging formats

Our Team

Scott Spencer



Michel Layoun

VP Operations


Bob Weaver

VP Finance


Quality Assurance

- Quality Control and Quality Assurance Training
- Quality Control Procedures & Documentation
- FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)
- HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
- GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)
- Allergen Control
- Food Safety & Defense
- Bio-security Access
- Vendor Approval Program
- Sanitation

5 Star Capabilities

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility:- Multi-dimensional production process and proprietary expertise enables production of a large variety of bakery and handheld filled products.
- Technologically advanced, high speed automated equipment
Ability to Successfully Serve Large National Customers:- Maintain long-term relationships with customers.
- National supplier for customers due to competitive pricing and frozen distribution
Product Development and Commercialization Expertise:- Multiple successful and significant new product introductions over many years.
- Proven expertise in formulation and commercialization of unique handheld filled bread products.
Diverse Packaging Experience and Capabilities:- Individually wrapped, multi count and bulk packaging for retail, industrial and food service.
- Ovenable film and bakeable trays and overwraps.
- Stand-up pouches with resealable capabilities.
Superior Product Quality and Food Safety:- Meet the healthier nutritional profile for attractive K-12 markets.
- Pioneering products with alternative flours and innovative filling ingredients.
- BRC certified.